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Charlotte BarCamp – What did you think?

October 19th, 2009

Thanks to everyone who organized, volunteered, cooked, presented, and attended BarCamp in Charlotte this weekend.

This one seemed to be as well attended as the one back in January, but most of the people there had not attended back in January.  I would guess about 80 to 90% of the attendees were newcomers.

I was surprised to hear how much of it was talking about Internet marketing and/or Social Media.  Last year it seemed to have more techie subjects and journalists.  (Maybe not.  It just seemed that way to me.)

I attended David Zimmerman’s talk on aggregating social media using RSS.  I also attended a nice discussion led by Dick Carlson on creating webinars.

I did my normal speech on “How to Make Money Online”, but this time I focused on how to do so creating content instead of e-commerce.  I also did a new presentation on “How to Market Anything Online”.  Both seemed to go ok. 

(My blood-sugar got a little low at the end of my first one as I had not eaten all day.  So I got a little crazed.  I spoke faster and louder than I normally do.  Of course, I always get a little excited when I get going in front of an audience.)

I really wanted to attend the sessions Robert Enriquez and Michael Gibbons held, but I couldn’t.  I did have a good time hanging out with David Kyle and Roy Morejon a little.

So what did YOU think of the event?  Anything you especially liked want to mention?  Please leave a comment below.

PS:  Here are some pictures by Cara (last name? I forget) to spark your memory.