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Don’t Miss Charlotte BarCamp Tomorrow

October 16th, 2009

If you are in the Charlotte area, you need to check out Charlotte BarCamp tomorrow (Saturday, October 16, 2009).

What is it?  As I wrote last year, it is not held at a bar.  It is simply a large group of people gathering to learn from each other. 

There is no agenda set in advance.  After some brief introductions in the morning, everyone is given a chance to pitch a topic that they would like talk about.  Everyone then votes on which topic people want to hear.

Last year, I spoke.  My topic was “How to Make Money Online”.  I explained that the two main legitimate methods to make money online are to sell something and to create content.  (Both of them became podcasts you can now listen to.)

This year I’m going to speak again.  I may talk again about how to make money online.  But I also want to do something new. 

I’m probably going to talk about how to make MORE money online.  It will give specific ideas on how market online to get more attention and more money.

Oh, and did I mention…

The whole thing is free!

So head over to the official site to get more info. 

When you do, be sure to login and join my group here.