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Notes from SMX East – Day 3 : October 7, 2009

October 9th, 2009

Here are some more comments from the SMX conference in NYC.  I was not able to attend, but have attended many conferences over the years.  But this year, I’m simply following the various bloggers that are writing about it.

If you want to do the same, simply follow the notes at…

Day three – October 7, 2009

Or you can see what I found interesting below…

Regarding marketing on Facebook, Dennis Yu says: You’re targeting who people are instead of targeting keywords…  Pricing is different.  The sophisticated of targeting is different. Google is like driving a car. Facebook is like flying a plane.

He added: Facebook is for demand generation NOT demand harvesting. It’s about creating awareness, interest, desire and then getting them to act.

Also:  74% of Facebook advertising in 2009 will come from local. You can do some crazy hyper-targeting and blanket a whole town. When you’re testing ads, include images. It will get you a higher CTR.

Facebook is a giant email auto-responder. You don’t want to send people to your site, you want to send them to your Fan Page.  Once they become a Fan, you’ve got them. You can message them, you make sure their friends see you. You get a viral multiplier. It’s better than email because people’s email’s burn out faster than their Facebook accounts. Its amazing what you can do when you get them into the stream. When you’re doing the targeting on Facebook, it’s usually pretty accurate.

Regarding Facebook Search, Marty Weintraub says: There’s no external search engine allowed on Facebook, you just get the internal search. Facebook search has always kind of sucked, says Marty. It’s good at finding people close to you, sorta.  It’s smart to understand and monitor the search as it develops. It’s immediately useful but it’s also an easter egg.

Also: Facebook SERPS are chunky. Pages and Groups are usually at the top of the search.  (Popular applications can trump Pages or Groups if you have a lot of users.)  Then its posted by Friends – the people closest to you in your circle. Then, it’s the Web results (Bing).  {He also has a list of the order of results in the SERP}

NOTE:  Overall, the best content of the day seemed to be about Facebook.  I highly recommend reading the entire post that I quoted above.