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Notes from SMX East – Day 2, October 6 2009

October 7th, 2009

Again, I’m writing up some interesting tidbits from the SMX conference going on in NYC this week.  I’m not there.  I’m simply reading the notes that everyone else wrote (and saving the money).

If you want to do the same, there are extensive notes at…

Day two – October 6, 2009

Or you can just read the parts I found interesting below…

Regarding duplicate content, Greg Boser says: The site with the most juice wins that battle so it can be problematic.  Usually, you won’t even see a negative impact.  Rae Hoffman adds: If a scraper site is stealing your content and outranking you, your site sucks. You need to step it up a notch. Also file a DMCA.

Aaron Wall says: If you have a server that’s not reliable and your site goes down a lot, you’ll lose rankings there.

Regarding Google Caffeine, Todd Friesen says he’s seen a lot of the Universal stuff shifting around. From an indexing and search return, that makes sense.  He hasn’t seen move for clients.  Greg Boser says They’re tracking a large volume of stuff, and there are some pretty significant changes. Not in the top three, but 4-10. It’s  hard to draw any sound conclusions.  They’re seeing listings that used to be double indented, not be any more. He’s also seeing a stronger tend toward home pages.

Regarding reporting spam, Greg Boser says: It’s a waste of time. Instead, learn from it. See why it’s working and find a way to spin it.  Rae Hoffman adds:  If you report someone, Google’s going to come in and look at EVERYONE.  Look at what they’re doing and figure out why it’s working. Work on your own site.

Jeremy Crane had some interesting insights on how real time search was used when Michael Jackson died.  He said CNN, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Google News were the ones impacted the most.  The day after, people turned to YouTube.  They also started flocking to e-commerce stores.  MJ’s death was good for business.

Regarding the current economy and it’s effect on SEM as a business, Greg Boser says: The amount of time it takes to negotiate and close a deal is dramatically longer. Price has dropped in the industry but the time to get a large client to ink is dramatically different than it was two years ago. In the last tail end of ‘09 we’re starting to see a little bounce back from that. It won’t be what it was in ‘06, but it will pick up in 2010.

Regarding e-commerce, the panelists mentioned that comparison search engines are up, YouTube search is up, and coupon searching is up.  Smaller brands can use those channels and rank easier than traditional search engines, where stronger brands tend to win.

Regarding Bing, Danny Sullivan says: Whether or not Bing can take market share and get up to 35 percent, he doesn’t know. That’s hard.  They probably can get into a 20 percent share on their own. There’s a chance Bing will be the Mac of the search world. Lots of people like it, but most people keeping using Windows.