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Notes from SMX East – Day 1, October 2009

October 7th, 2009

Today I’m spending some time reading about the ongoing SMX East conference in New York City.  I’m saving the money by not going and reading all the wrap-ups from home.

If you want to do the same, there are extensive notes found at…

Day one – October 5, 2009 

Or if you just want to see what I found interesting, keep reading…

Dan Soha mentioned that Google AdWords Headlines are usually 25 characters but 28 character headlines can be created with dynamic keyword insertion.

He also said that Google’s ad network just doubled in sized.  While the cost of paid search advertising is going up, it’s staying steady for contextual advertising.

Leslie Rohde says that he has tested Google PageRank sculpting.  He has incredible results for a 2.4 million page site, a 1.8 million page site, and a 70K page site.  He added that if you have less than 10K pages, it is not worth sculpting PageRank.

(What a riot.  How many SEOs out there read up all day about PR sculpting and simply work with a 10–25 page site?!?  Ha!)

Brent Payne reports that his site is crawled by Google every 3–5 minutes.  He has a PR8 site with 600+ page links on the home page.  They use sitemaps in a big way.  (Cool!)

David Mihm says regarding local search…  There are THREE major local search engines – Bing, Google Maps and Yahoo Local.  They collect their data from business owners, AS WELL as other sources like Localeze, InfoUSA and Acxiom.  In turn, the big three feed a whole bunch of other providers. That’s the danger of not controlling your information. If you let incorrect information stay on Google, it can be fed into a whole number of different providers and be wrong everywhere.