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Two days of Google AdWords training for $99

September 2nd, 2009

Do you think Google has the ability to make you more money?  I do. 

That’s exactly why we offer Google AdWords Training!  Google AdWords is Google’s advertising system and if you do it right, you can definitely make money.  (Trust me.  I do.)

Our next class is coming up quick – September 10, 11, 2009.

And I have some good news!  I just got an email from Google offering me free coupons.  So guess what?  Everyone in the class is going to get two $100 coupons of free Google advertising just for attending.

So lets do the math…

The class normally costs $399.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you automatically get $100 off.  That brings the cost down to $299.

But for this class only, you will also get two coupons for $100 off.  If you factor that in, you get the two-day class for $99!

I’ve never had an opportunity like this before (and may never again).  So please take advantage of it.  In fact, I encourage you to learn more about this class and register soon as there are only a few openings left as of today.

See you then!

PS:  As a full disclosure, the two $100 coupons you get need to be used on new accounts.  However, if you already have an account, you may just want to kill it and start over after our class anyway.  (That happens a lot.)

Go check out the class agenda and details here.

See how many spaces are left here.