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Google AdWords – Do you like what’s new?

August 27th, 2009

Now that summer vacation is over for me, Hippo Internet Marketing Training is starting into our fall series of classes.  We’ll be teaching all four of our classes one time each before December.

The first one coming up soon is on Google AdWords (9/10 & 9/11).  I absolutely love Google AdWords and I think it is the one most underutilized opportunities for most businesses and websites.

It’s not hard to make it work.  And even if you already use it, there’s almost always new ways to learn how to save money and be more effective.

I have countless campaigns that work great for my clients and my businesses (both the e-commerce and the training).

However, now that they are forcing me to use the new interface on all my accounts, I need to go in and re-create all the screen shots for class.

So here’s my question to everyone (especially my SEMCLT pals)…

What do you think of the new interface?  Like it?  Love it?  Want the old one back?  (I’ll be taking a closer look this week and will let you know what I think soon.)

Use Google AdWords?  Leave a comment below.

Don’t use it?  You probably should.  So come to my Google AdWords class!  Ha!