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The Charlotte Twitter Stream – Ideas on Jumping In!

August 25th, 2009

Yesterday’s Social Fresh conference in Charlotte, NC by Jason Keath was an excellent opportunity for locals to connect and learn.  Jason deserves a huge pat on the back for pulling off the largest and best Internet conference this city has seen (so far).

One thing is for sure, Social Media is growing strong in Charlotte.

For example, last year it was pretty tricky to just come up with 70 or so Twitter addresses.  Yet, last week I came up with over 200 in one night.  Within 24 hours, I collected 300+ Charlotte Twitter users.

So no matter what your situation is, how do you get more involved?  The panel I moderated yesterday at the event had some nice thoughts.  I don’t have their exact comments, but here were some of the sentiments I caught…

  1. Don’t worry too much about getting started.  Just do it.
  2. Follow others that have your same interests.
  3. If you are doing it for business, be helpful and talk nice.
  4. Include some personality, yet don’t just talk about yourself.
  5. Don’t talk at people, talk with them.
  6. If you make mistakes, admit them and move on.

Of course, if you are using Twitter simply for personal use, do whatever you want.  But for those of us that are doing it both for personal and for business, just think before you speak (or type).

That’s it!  Don’t over-think it.  Just jump in!

The reason I made the “top 300+” list is so that those of us in Charlotte know exactly who else does this hear.  Go follow those people that interest you.  (Or all of them!)

Watch, listen, reach out, assist, & connect with them.

If you don’t understand Twitter, you can check out my book or Brandon’s book.  Once you get started, I would also encourage you use a tool like HootSuite to keep it all straight.

If you want to use Twitter more specifically for marketing, learn more here.