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Nickel Allergy – What you should know

June 24th, 2009

One of the things I love about teaching Internet marketing classes is that you meet very interesting people.  In one of our last classes, I met a true expert on “Nickel Allergy Solutions”.

What’s that?  (She gets asked that a lot!)

Come to find out, there is a considerable amount of people worldwide that are allergic to nickel.  Typically, they do not realize it.  They simply think that “cheap jewelry” makes them itch or gives them a rash.

Lea Dow is a nickel allergy specialist that can help you determine if you have this problem.  She even offers a nickel allergy test and nickel allergy solution.

I sincerely hope you’ll check out her site to learn more.  In fact, please contact her if you think this information could be helpful to your family, friends, or coworkers.

So what happened when she attended our class? 

She is just getting started with all the things she wants to do to get more attention to her site.  But already she writes…

Since taking Hippo Internet Marketing’s SEO Class, our company has changed how we do business on-line.  Within a month of implementing Hippo’s strategies and recommendations, our on-line sales have doubled.  I am looking forward to the AdWords class and growing our sales even more.

Thanks Lea!  That’s very kind of you.  She also wrote…

Your class was a turn-around for me.  Prior to taking your class, I didn’t think I could do ANYTHING computer related especially web and HTML stuff.  I had very little confidence in myself.  After taking the SEO class, I realized I didn’t need a computer science degree and there was no magic, just a formula of how to improve our rankings and site.  With the help of XSitePro and Magento, we have doubled our sales and we are continuing to grow steady.  And I did it!!!!

The SEO Meetup has been great for me as well. I am learning new things and meeting new people. 

Thank you for the knowledge, but most important thank you for giving me confidence to do things I thought were impossible for me.  It has changed my life dramatically!

Wow!  Now that’s a testimonial.  One worth putting on this blog!

Are you interested in getting more attention and sales on your site?  Our next round of Internet marketing classes start in September.

Check out our training site and make sure you tell me the nickel allergy lady sent you!