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Should we Move to ECommerce Island?

May 20th, 2009

St Croix is now calling themselves “ECommerce Island”.  They are hoping that businesses will think seriously about the tax advantages of relocating to this US Virgin Island.

If you are a profitable business online, you know that taxes can get quite expensive.  So, relocating your business to the USVI can save you as much as 90% off your taxes.  They have a website you can review for more info at www.EcommerceIsland.com.

Chief Marketing Officer of this Virgin Islands economic initiative is Steve Rohrlick.  In this interview, he explains that many years ago, billions of dollars of undersea fiber optic cables were setup under the ocean to connect the US to the rest of the world.

These cable assets needed to be checked periodically.  It just so happened that the island of Saint Croix is where they put their cable stations.

St Croix has the second largest concentration of bandwidth second only to New York City.

St Croix is also the largest island in the USVI.  They are a territory of the United States and are close to the US mainland.

Ready?  Who’s with me?  Let’s all move to the USVI and work on our e-commerce and online businesses while enjoying island life.

(Wait.  Maybe I should ask my wife first.)