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Serious SEO Info you can use

April 13th, 2009

Most of the time I keep this blog pretty light.  I talk a lot about what’s happening in the SEO community in Charlotte and touch on various Internet Marketing topics.

But here is some serious SEO info.  It may be a little deep for some of you, but it contains valuable information you can use.  It comes from Leslie Rohde, a StomperNet faculty member. 

Truth is, StomperNet is impressive.  I get their magazine and recently attended StomperNet Live.  But they can be a bit high-pressure and their stuff tends to be expensive – valuable, but expensive nonetheless.

Regardless, Leslie Rohde is a serious SEO Engineer.  To put it in prospective, Jerry West once told me over lunch that HE thought Leslie is a genius.  Quite frankly, Jerry is a genius in my book.  So I think you get the point.

Leslie Rohde released a video this weekend that de-bunked LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).  If you find that interesting, go watch this video.  If not, the really good stuff is in the next video found here

If you do any SEO for clients or for your own websites, you need to watch that 2nd one!  It is 14 minutes long.  But the explanation that he gives about harmonizing your on-page factors, your internal linking, and your external linking is DEAD ON! 

Seriously, it explains exactly why many of the techniques we have been using over here at Hippo Internet Marketing have worked so well and always will.

Check it out when you have the time and leave a comment below if you like it as much as I did.  I look forward to your thoughts.