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Meet the Charlotte E-Commerce Experts!

April 10th, 2009

I am currently in the planning process for a fantastic live panel discussion for anyone that is interested in making real money online via e-commerce.  I’m doing it for our local Charlotte SEO Association.

I hope that if you are local to Charlotte, you’ll think about attending live in person.  If not, hopefully you’ll watch it live as we stream it online via Ustream.

So far, I have two other successful local e-commerce businesses that are going to sit in on a panel discussion.  I have two others that are thinking about joining us.  Here is how the meeting will progress…

1.  I’ll start with a brief introduction and opening comments.

2.  We will then introduce one panelist at a time.  They will start with a 30–60 second introduction of who they are and what their industry and/or online business is.

3.  They will then have ten minutes to give us a top-five list of the keys to their success in e-commerce.  We will ask that they be prepared and give special attention to marketing and SEO.

4.  I will then take questions from the audience (probably via Twitter if we can have Internet access).

I will be moderating the event so that we don’t get too off-topic and/or so that we can take the best questions that will be of benefit to the entire audience.

I’m hoping I can talk Keith into letting us stream the whole thing live.  But I know that the recording of it will only be available to SEMCLT members.

I’ll keep you informed as the date gets closer.  But you can always learn more by visiting the  Charlotte SEO Association.  This event will be posted on there very soon.