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Asheville and Internet Marketing for Bed & Breakfasts, etc

April 1st, 2009

I know that many of my readers and followers are in Charlotte, but I still have a fair amount of followers, colleagues, students, and friends back in the Asheville area.

I lived in Asheville, NC from 2003 to 2007.

Here are a few interesting things about Asheville for those of you who are not real familiar with that part of North Carolina…

1.  There is an old saying in Asheville, that if you don’t work for Biltmore Estate or Grove Park Inn, you don’t work!  It’s not entire true.  But those are the big players, for sure.  Notice:  Both are in the hospitality industry.

2.  There are more Bed & Breakfasts and Inns in Asheville than practically anywhere else in the country.  Try www.BedandBreakfast.com and you’ll see that Asheville is huge for B&B.

3.  Lots of businesses want to succeed on-line in Asheville.  It is a beautiful place to live and has a good amount of “culture” for a small city.  Therefore, if you can start an online business anywhere in the world, many choose to do so in Asheville, NC.

4.  Back in 2003, there were only a few individuals that really did SEO, PPC, etc.  They were mostly freelancers.  There are more now than ever, but the freelancers are still some of the best ones.

5.  One of my favorite web developers is Totsie at www.Totsie.com.  She is a real pleasure to work with and to be around.

6.  One of my favorite online marketers that I still keep close in touch with is Fiona Dudley of www.Weaversites.com.  She is a very hard worker and never charges as much as she should.  (How many times have I told you that, Fiona!?!)

Given all of the above.  Here are my two suggestions…

1.  If you are looking for a nice place to spend a long weekend, go visit a Bed and Breakfast in Asheville, NC.  Personally, I’ve worked with and enjoy the Albemarle Inn but many others are nice, too.

2.  If you are in the hospitality industry, please go read Fiona’s whitepaper on Internet Marketing for Hospitality and Accommodations which is downloadable on her blog.  (She’s good.  Real good!)

PS:  You can follow Fiona on Twitter too.