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StomperNet Live Review – My take on it

March 8th, 2009

During March 6–8, 2009, I had the pleasure of attending StomperNet Live 7 which is owned by Andy Jenkins.  I attended as a guest of one of the speakers, to which I am very grateful.

So what exactly is a StomperNet Live event?

Do a little research and you will find that many of the successful online marketers are faculty members of StomperNet.  This creates an interesting dynamic.  Each of them has their own specialties and most all of them have both made and lost a lot of money.

Interestingly, because so many of them are good marketers, they tend to think and act like online marketers even when they are not doing online marketing.  This gives an attendee an excellent opportunity to see what it takes to do this and succeed. 

But occasionally, it also means they may do some strange things that we don’t normally see in the physical world of conferences.

For example, they are going to always start every session with a story of how they had nothing and rose to riches.  Every time.

Also, most of the speakers seemed to be at least somewhat “winging it” through their presentations.  This is especially apparent if you have gone to other conferences. 

My personal opinion is that this is what online marketers do every day.  “Ready, Fire, Aim” is what we do.  “Throw it up there and test to see if it works.”  Unfortunately, this is not really the best way to do a presentation.  I (and others I talked to) would prefer the presenters to be more prepared (and on time).

But those are minor things in comparison to the benefits of attending.  Usually only “StomperNet Members” can attend StomperNet Live, but that rule seems to be getting relaxed a little.  I saw a lot of “guests” there besides me.

So what are the benefits?

  • You can get your site reviewed by the faculty. 
  • You can attend confidential roundtable discussions where you can get anything answered. 
  • You can even just stop anyone in the hallways and chat.  I got one of my most important questions answered by David Bullock.  (Thanks David – he’s awesome.)
  • You get to mingle with lots of other e-commerce retailers.

The attendees are probably about half e-commerce retailers that are relatively successful.  The other half seemed to be learning or just curious.  It’s a great event for either group.

Attending one of these StomperNet Live events was a great opportunity for me and I learned a lot.  Some sessions were definitely better than others, but that’s typical of most events.

StomperNet live does seem to be a little expensive, but if you want to learn from some of the best experts out there, this is probably your best opportunity.  If you apply just 1% of what you learn, I’m sure you could make it back easily.

Thanks again to Andy Jenkins and the others for pulling this off.

Any other attendees reading this?  Faculty members?  Feel free to comment below if I missed anything or was inaccurate in my comments.