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How to “Win at Social Media ” – from StomperNet Live

March 7th, 2009

This is day two at StomperNet Live.  The morning will start up with a presentation by Perry Belcher.  The title is…

Social Media:  How to Build a Massive List of Rabid Fans & Become a Celebrity in ANY Niche in 90 Days or Less.

Perry is #24 in Twitter rank.  He got there in four months.  He says that he only spent a total of about 2 hours per day to get there.  Here are some of his comments…

NOTE:  Unfortunately, StomperNet has requested that I take these notes down from off the blogosphere.  I’m disappointed, because I thought it was good information that would help build appreciation for the value of StomperNet Live.  Yet, they seem to feel that the information is only for members.

From the start of StomperNet Live, we were told that we could not blog about certain confidential roundtable sessions.  This was not one of them so I assumed I could write about it.

My appologies.  It is down now.

I am just keeping the two small notes below.  One is my personal thought.  The 2nd has to do with a comment that has been mentioned in other blogs that would not make sense if to others if I removed it.  If StomperNet has any more problems like this, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the big three players in Social Media.  Interestingly he did not talk about LinkedIn or StumbleUpon and that is probably because there is little you can do in them to influence them.

Perry tried reaching M. C. Hammer a couple times and he did not respond.  So he told his followers and over 900 people told M.C. Hammer to call Perry.  Five minutes later the manger for M.C. Hammer called and told him that M.C. is sleeping and will call him when he wakes up.