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Product Producer at StomperNet Live

March 7th, 2009

Today is my first day of attending StomperNet Live.  This day (Friday) is actually not typical StomperNet stuff.  That happens tomorrow and Sunday.

Today is mostly Paul Lemberg.  He is more like a business consultant than an online marketing guru.  He is the creator of “Formula Five” and has some very good ideas on how to increase profit margins and do other things that will improve theh bottom line.

For most of the morning, he talked about how to produce a product to sell.  More specifically, it was about how to produce “more” products so that your current customers would spend more money with you.

This is good stuff to think about.  Paul basically presented a process for what to do.  It applies to those that want to make money online and/or for those that already do and want to make more.

Here are some of my notes…

NOTE:  Unfortunately, StomperNet has requested that I take these notes down from off the blogosphere.  I’m disappointed, because I thought it was good information that would help build appreciation for the value of StomperNet Live.  Yet, they seem to feel that the information is only for members.

From the start of StomperNet Live, we were told that we could not blog about certain confidential roundtable sessions.  This was not one of them so I assumed I could write about it.

My appologies.  It is down now.

If StomperNet has any more problems like this, I’ll be happy to oblige.  Just let me know