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Atlanta Hyatt Experience – What I learned

March 6th, 2009

In about a half hour, the first opening session at StomperNet Live 7 will start.  But I have already learned some things – about hotels.

You see, I’m here as a guest.  In other words, I do not pay the $10,000 per year to be a member.  Someone invited me and I’m therefore here for free.  Cool, eh?  At any rate, I figured I would enjoy it a little extra by staying right at the same hotel it is held at.

Bad idea.  When you stay at a big, nice hotel like the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta, the price of the hotel is just the beginning.  They charge you quite a bit for Internet access, parking, and just about everything you can think of.

I’m not complaining about this hotel.  It’s actually quite beautiful.  I know all big fancy hotels do the same thing.  It just cracks me up that smaller cheaper hotels give wifi and other things away for free.  But when you pay twice as much, they expect you to keep paying.

Oh well.  No worries.  I’m sure I’ll learn a lot at this event.  I’m sure I’ll make any money I spend back again in the next 3–6 months easy.

Bring on StomperNet Live!  I’m ready.  Visit www.StomperNetLive.com to learn more about it.

And keep an eye on this blog to see what I’m learning – www.TheJungleMap.com