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Three inches of Snow in Davidson, NC

March 2nd, 2009

So I know my family is about to get somewhere around 13 inches of snow today.  But the storm did hit North Carolina first.  It started snowing around 7 PM last night and went into the night.  When we woke up, we had about 3–4 inches.

So, of course I had to do a little video for you to see…

(By the way, the report ends abruptly because my camera ran out of power.)

Everything has pretty much stopped here.  No one is going anywhere.  I don’t know when and if a snow plow will ever hit our street.  I would assume the main streets are plowed. 

I’ll work from home until noon and then venture out, I’m sure.

Here are some other pictures…

This was taken from the center of the street in Davidson Pointe.

Back ally of Davidson Pointe.

Our main street – with beautiful skies.

Across the street from us.

My cars at about 7:30 AM


PS:  Make sure you check out the previous video I made.  It was a lot more entertaining than today’s.

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think of this.  Did you get any snow from this storm?