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Lisa Hoffmann was right! But…

January 19th, 2009

The other week, we had a record-breaking Charlotte SEO Meetup about Twitter.  The place was packed with over 50 people and another 50 or so were watching live on Ustream.

MeetupPanelistsIt was a real pleasure to be the moderator and ask the four “Twitter expert” panelists some good questions.  I really tried to push them to talk about the true benefit of Twitter and how they use it effectively instead of just wasting time on it.

The results were incredible.  Twitter is buzzing in the Charlotte area and I hope it keeps up.  Many that were present appreciated the opportunity to hear this stuff.

Shortly after we ended, I was thanking and talking with the panelists.  All four of them are very friendly and I’ve been on panels with some of them before.  In fact, just the month before, Lisa Hoffmann and I had been panelists at Charlotte WordCamp.

At that event, we presented a “Top 10” list for marketing your blog.  Two of mine were “don’t waste too much time on Social Media” and “Do waste time on Twitter”.  One of my biggest concerns with owning a business, working for clients, and wanting to actually have a life outside of work and the Internet is time management.  Yet, I still feel that if done correctly, Twitter is worth it.

Lisa mentioned to me that if you spend time on Twitter and it is effective and helpful to you, it’s not really wasting time.  She’s right.  (Lisa is clearly a smart person and is probably right more than I am.)  That’s not surprising.  My wife is much smarter than me too.  Wait!  Maybe all women are smarter than me.  Probably.  But back to my point…

Even though Lisa is right, I still like saying “Do waste time on Twitter”.  The reason is that almost everyone I know has given me funny looks when I encourage them to start using Twitter.  When I explain how it works, they usually look at me like: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard”.

Sorry, but it’s just hard to appreciate the benefit when you first start.  You’ve got to gain followers, you’ve got to experience it yourself.  You’re not wasting time, but it sure feels like it.

So even though Lisa is right, I’m going to keep saying it – and writing it.

So go waste time on Twitter – right now!

While you are at it, here’s who you should follow…