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How to Become a Mini-celebrity Online

January 16th, 2009

Over the last couple of years, instead of attending search engine conferences, I have been enjoying a very different kind of conference.  Two years ago, I attended Blog World Expo.  This past year, I attended New Media Expo.

Interestingly, they both combined for 2009 to make one incredible conference that I will definitely be attending this year in Las Vegas.  If you are going too, please let me know.

The one huge benefit of attending a conference like this is that it helps you appreciate what the future holds.  Online media (blogging, podcasting, and online video) which is named “New Media” is growing.  It’s taking viewership from traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio, and television) which is typically referred to as “Old Media” or the more politically correct “Mature Media”.

And the side effect is mini-celebrities.  Seth Godin refers to these people as leaders in his book “Tribes”.  But with the ability to publish so easily online, it is easy to gain little followings.

How do you do it?  No one says it better than Gary Vaynerchuk.  If you are not familiar with Gary, check out his appearance on Conan O’Brien below.


Gary now has over 30K followers on Twitter and his videos are extremely popular.

How can you do this?  The true thought leaders have not emerged online yet.  There are mini-celebrities such as Seth Godin for marketing and Aaron Wall for SEO and Matt Cutts for Google. 

But what do you know?  What is your specialty?  You can become a mini-celebrity in your field.

How?  Gary tells us how better than anyone else. Here’s some great advice in his interview at that same conference I attended.

I have some other great advice from Gary Vaynerchuk here.  Check it out and you are on your way to becoming a mini-celebrity online.