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Come hear Don and I at SCORE this Thursday

November 27th, 2006

This Thursday night, Don Sinclaire and I will be teaching a seminar at the AB Tech Enka Campus.  (AB Tech is the local community college in Asheville, NC.)

If you are interested in attending, here’s the link:  Internet Marketing for Small Businesses Seminar – Asheville NC SCORE.

Don and I always have a good time with this seminar.  He is very knowlegable about marketing on the web and changes his part every time we give it.   Don is a real thinker that stays on top of the subject very well.

As for my part, I try to tell the nitty gritty of how to rank on search engines.

The best part is that we get to meet so many interesting people and hear about their businesses.  It’s really fun to think on our feet when the questions start rolling.

If you have a small business, this is a very well spent $30.  Hope to see you there!!