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Some extra tips from the conference

November 25th, 2006

Ty sent over his notes from the 2006 Webmaster World Pubcon conference in Las Vegas.  I went through them and pulled a few more gems out…

  1. For PPC, try providing an incentive to click.  Use words like “limited time, today only”, etc.
  2. Write seasonal messages in your PPC ads.
  3. For ecommerce sites, use an “Add to Cart” button instead of “Buy Now”.  It has proven to have better conversion rates.
  4. Having a “Hacker safe” has increased conversion rates by 5% according to A/B testing.
  5. Studies show that the eye focuses on the top left (above the fold).  So try putting your credit card logo, security and hacker safe images in these areas.
  6. Have large images of products.  Very important.
  7. Have a photo of the owner on the “About Us” page.

Nice ideas.  Thanks Ty!

(He had some other notes, but these are the ones that could probably benefit my clients and readers the most.)