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David Leonhardt’s new SEO e-Book

December 9th, 2008

Just this morning, I read an e-book by “The Happy Guy Marketing”.  David was kind enough to ask me to read and review his new (free) e-book named Sticky SEO – Winning Strategies for The New Algorithm

The basic premise is that search engines will soon be looking at different factors.  Instead of factors such as on-page and linking, David feels Google and other search engines will be looking at factors such as bounce rate (which is probably already happening).  He lists several other indicators that may indicate the searcher has found what they are looking for.

The basic principle is probably true.  If you find the topic interesting, you can check out his e-book at the link above for free.

Personally, I think that anyone that is trying to make money online with their websites needs to take a good look at what SEO involves here and now.  Just keep a loose eye to the future.

At the same time, building the best site you can will help you in many ways.  More about that later.

Nice book, David.  Thanks for letting me review it.