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Sorry Seth Godin. You’re wrong about Google!

November 21st, 2008

Seth Godin blogged this morning that Google is now letting users interact with search results, wiki style.  True.  He added that “You can vote them up and down and leave comments.”  True also.  (See the official Google post here.)

However, he incorrectly added “And they will be seen by others”.  False!

Sorry Seth.  I love your books.  I love your blog.  You’re famous.  But you made a pretty big mistake here.  So far, Google has specifically stated in their blog that “The changes you make only affect your own searches.”

Now, as SEO’s, we all know that Google’s goal is quite likely to “improve their search results” by observing which sites get promoted up and down and which ones get removed. 

Will we try to “game” this to advance our own sites and the sites of our clients?  Uh…  Yea, at least some will!

But to come right out of the gate the first morning and state that changing your search results will mean that others see those changes was not only wrong, it was irresponsible and poor journalism.

No offense, Mr. Godin.  I love your stuff.  Honest.  We all make mistakes.

To all my readers, please go read Seth’s blog and his books.  He is (almost) always right on the money.