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What I liked about Charlotte WordCamp 2008

November 17th, 2008

After spending an entire week running around NYC and Massachusetts visiting with friends, it was time to head back home to good ole Charlotte, NC, on Saturday, November 15, 2008.

I was scheduled to fly home on Saturday evening, but when I realized it was the same day as Charlotte WordCamp 2008, I was not happy.  Just a few weeks before, Jason Keath had asked me to present, so I just knew I had to get there earlier.

So I woke up at 4:45 AM and my sister took me to the bus stop in Framingham, MA.  From there, I took a 30 minute bus ride to Logan Airport in Boston.  Thankfully, I got on an early flight and drove straight to the Charlotte Observer, where I made it to Charlotte WordCamp around noon.

I got in just in time to hear someone ask a question about search engines.  Jason was kind enough to point over to me and I was answering a question as soon as I walked in.

I know I missed the first half, but I just had to post about why this was such an awesome event…

1.  Charlotte Observer hosted it.  I can’t emphasize enough how impressive this was to me.  The Charlotte Observer was founded in 1869.  It is the largest newspaper in terms of circulation in all of the Carolinas. 

For them to be open to a “New Media” event, is a real credit to them!

2.  Jason Keath was a fantastic host.  Running an event like this is not easy.  But he made it look easy.  To his credit, he got the ball rolling and let it take shape naturally.  (Much like the Internet, New Media, and Social Media tends to do.)

3.  Charlotte was due.  I strongly believe that the Charlotte area is a great place to live and work.  Many of us love being near this great city, and working online.  There are so many bloggers and others that are just waiting to attend these sorts of things.

4.  Great conversations!  Everywhere I turned I saw people shaking hands and smiling.  So many of us have only met on Twitter.  It’s nice to see the actual humans that reside behind those avatars.

5.  Good information.  I’ve attended several events like this in much larger venues, such as Blog World Expo, New Media Expo, Search Engine Strategies, and PubCon.  Those are much larger (typically in Vegas) and honestly draw in better speakers.  But the Charlotte WordCamp was fantastic for its size.  Many good points were made that will likely help many in attendance. 

Personally, I think each time an event like this is held, the content will only get better.  I know our SEO Meetups in Charlotte get better every month.  I’m sure Charlotte WordCamp and other events like this will be the same.