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The Fun we had in Vegas!

November 19th, 2006

I finally made it back home from my week in Vegas.  I’m sure at least some of you might be wondering what we did for fun.  Well, here goes.  (This post has nothing to do with Internet Marketing.)

Although Ty flew from Wilmington, NC, we both ended up on the same plane from Charlotte to Vegas.  I don’t really mind flying, but I really had stopovers and small, loud planes.  I never minded until the last year or two.  I’ve flown several times out of our little city of Asheville, and I always end up on some tiny, loud plane.  I’ve had it with that.  Now I fly out of Charlotte.  It’s worth the drive.

At any rate, we stayed at a Vacation Rental condo.  It was pretty nice.  Ty’s brother, Tim flew in that evening and they lost his luggage so we had to come back for him, and later the luggage.

Next day was PubCon day one.  That evening we just walked around the casinos and ended up at the Caesar’s Palace where the Comic Relief 2006 was to be held.  We stuck around for a while and thought we were going to see a free outdoor show, but didn’t feel like waiting. 

These casinos are huge and glamorous.  It was my first time in Las Vegas and it is quite an amazing place.  By the way, all three of us do not gamble (for personal reasons, not to mention the financial reasons) but we had a good time checking the area out.

Next night Yahoo held a little bash after day 2 of PubCon.  We drank a beer and ate their food.  On another night we went to see Cirque du Soleil – Mystique.  Come to find out, there are several different Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas and other parts of the world.  The one we saw was absolutely incredible.  I can’t even come close to explaining it.  Just believe me that you have to go someday if you haven’t.

Out last night, we went to see Blue Man Group.  Boy, was that crazy too.  Pretty amazing stuff.   It is sort of a cross between a rock concert and a very twisted comedy act.  At the end, they dump tons of toilet paper on the last rows and the entire audience pushes it forward over everyone to eventually end up all on the stage.  Pretty cool.  We had a blast.

Tim flew out Saturday morning, but Ty and I flew out Sunday morning.  So Ty and I spent some time Saturday afternoon at a beautiful golf course called Wild Horse.   We didn’t bring our clubs and Ty wasn’t feeling so well, so we just hit a bucket of balls on the driving range and had a little contest on the putting green.  Ty is much better at golf than I am, but that’s not saying much.  I stink.  But the weather was great!

Overall, we had an awesome time.  The conference was great and the three of us laughed and had a good time all around.