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Baseline Link Building – Where to Start

November 7th, 2008

One of the hardest parts of building a new website or working with a new client is knowing where to start with link building. 

In our SEO Class, we spend an entire day on linking.  We start with teaching the fundamentals of linking.  We then list where to get them. 

I always recommend starting by looking at your own sites, your colleagues, friends, and family.  Certainly, you must know SOMEONE that owns a website that could link to you.

But what next?

I encourage doing some baseline linking.  These links are not especially powerful, but they are generally a good idea.  They are a good place to start for a new site.

1.  Press Releases

PrwebThe big player in this market is PRWeb.  They show how to create a press release.  After you create one, submit it to PRWeb.  If you have the money, you really should go with the higher level of submission which will actually distribute your release to Google News, Yahoo News, etc.

2.  Directories

BotwThis topic has gone round and round lately.  Paid directories and many others have been discouraged by Google. 

But you can’t really go wrong with submitting to the Yahoo directory (if you have the $299 annually). 

You should also try to submit to Dmoz, even though it may take years to actually get approved.  Submit and forget with that one.

Other directories may be worth it.  Most recently, Best of the Web, Gimpsy, Joe Ant, Skaffe, America’s Best, World Site Index, Site Sift, and a few others are the ones that some of my most trusted colleagues have been recommending.

Fiona wrote more on keeping track of directory submissions on her blog.

3. Articles

EZineLastly, go ahead and write an on-topic page of text and instead of posting it on your own site, submit it to an article directory. 

The big player here is Ezine Articles.  Go ahead and submit to them (for free).  There are some others, but most are probably not worth your time.  In fact, there is software available that will submit your article to several places at once.  This also is probably not a good idea.

We submit once to Ezine Articles and that’s good enough.

The bottom line

As you may already know, the above techniques are just baseline.  They are not worth much, but you might as well do them.  They don’t take long and will get a new site started.

For more information on the good links, stay tuned.  You can also attend our two-day SEO Training.  Day one is all about on-page factors.  Day two is devoted to link building.