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November 17th, 2006

Ty attended this entire session at PubCon.  But I got a few notes out of it.  I’ll try to get his notes later and add anything else that seemed beneficial.  The idea here is that they give a whole bunch of ideas on how to make your e-commerce site better.  Here is what I got so far.

  • Enhance your “about us” page.  One company found that 50% of users that purchase, visit that page. 
  • One idea for the “about us” page was to show a map of the US and identify where you are located.  (Let’s take this to the next level and say you could even pinpoint where your various manufacturers are located.  That’s cool.)
  • Build more content!!  (This was an ongoing theme in every session, of course.)  One suggestion was to Ask customers if they have product questions.  Put a box on the site and if they ask, answer them on the product page.
  • Another idea for content is to go through your customer service “Sent Items” emails.  Harvest the product information and post it on the site or even on a blog.  (Another good idea.)
  • On your product page, try a title tag that is made of the Name of Product, Price, and Savings – in that order.  This will show up in the search engine results.

I’ll try to get more goodies from Ty.  He says he took good notes on this part.

We’ll see.