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Using Google to Advertise on Other Websites Just Got Easier!

October 16th, 2008

In our Google AdWords class, we teach how to use Google AdWords to advertise in many places.  The two most common are:

  • Search engines using the Search Network
  • Other websites using the Content Network

Throughout the entire class, I constantly remind everyone that you should ALWAYS create separate campaigns for each.  Google makes it very easy to “just check this box” to advertise on both search and websites. 

Don’t fall for it!

Advertising on search engines is conceptually entirely different than advertising on a website.  The user is doing something completely different in each of these situations.  Therefore, your reporting, your ad copy, and so many other things need to stay separate if you are to be successful.

In fact, I recommend that you simply start with search at first.  Then, after you have that working well, you can move on to creating new and custom campaigns and ads for the content network.  But please do it separately.

One special benefit to advertising on the content network (other sites) is that you have the option of having text ads or image ads.  Yet, the average person has not been very successful advertising with image ads.  One reason why is that they find it difficult to design them.


Google has created a new tool for those of you that want to advertise on the content network using images. 

It is called the Display Ad Builder.  You can read about it on the official Google AdWords blog, or watch the video shown below.