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Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV on New Media

August 14th, 2008

Gary was the first keynote speaker of New Media Expo this wek in Las Vegas.

Gary is obviously a very passionate person and enjoys what he does.  He had some very good fundamental principles that he tried to instill into this audience of content creators.

His overall theme was “How to get people to care about what you do”.

1.  If it is not in your DNA, it’s not going to happen.  It is important to know who you are.  If you are blogging, podcasting, or creating video it needs to be your passion.  You need to love your first 7 fans, 25 fans, etc.

You don’t need to worry about the technology.  You need to do what you do.  Use a low-quality camera, microphone, etc.  It does not matter.  What is important is that you love what you do.

You need to do whatever you love.  What it takes to win is patience and lots of effort.

2. Care about your COMMUNITY.  You need to care about them.  Be passionate about your community.  That is your competitive advantage over old media.  If you have 17 fans, work hard to communicate well with them.  Be thankful to your audience.  Answer every email!

Sometimes I twitter out my IM account.  People start talking to me.

Don’t rely on the technology.  Rely on the content.  Give back to your community.  Care about people. 

3.  Make sure your CONTENT is compelling.  Content is king. 

4.  However, MARKETING is queen.  The queen rules the house. 

Become part of the community.  Get into forums, Facebook, etc.   Start getting involved everywhere.  Don’t ask about where you should be.  Should you be on Facebook?  MySpace?  Elsewhere?  The answer:  EVERYWHERE! 

If there was no cost of renting, how many locations would you have?  Everywhere!  You have to be everywhere!  You need to be a part of the community.  Make a fan page on MySpace!  (Good advice.  I should probably do more that way.  Of course, Gary admitted that he works 18 hours per day.  I’d rather not.)

5.  “Legacy is better than currency!”  Your grandchildren will know what you did someday.  You gotta build equity in the world.  Take what you can get.  Be patient.  Be happy with what you have.  Keep growing.  Don’t try to get the homerun.  Just make progress.

We are in a gold rush.  The people that will establish themselves within their niches are going to win.

6.  Build your brand.  The top online brand for every subject has not emerged yet.  There is tremendous potential for building a brand from an existing offline one or a new one from scratch.

Use Viddler instead of YouTube.  Grow your own brand.  Viddler lets you pick your own logo for the bottom right corner. 

7.  Be Patient!  No one has patience in this business.  Everyone starts small.  You have to be the one that knows what you want to do and stick with it.  (I agree 100% !)

You don’t need to hit the homerun.  You don’t need to go viral.  You just need consistent growth of your community.

8.  Be authentic. Forget editing.  Be real.  Do great content.  Put out hundreds of shows.  Be real.  Be genuine. 

9.  Don’t pay others to promote your content.  We have the leverage as content creators.  You are the game.  You do not need the gatekeepers anymore.  The entry is zero.  Don’t try to get recognized.  You will get found.  But you need to hustle your face off.  You need to work long hours and be patient.  Community town. 

The new social media way of growing a brand costs no money.  Don’t control the message.  You will be defined by the universe.  So you better get good real quick.  Become the best.  Grow your network.  Build good content.  It takes patience and community.

What if my niche is too small?  You need to recognize who the high dollar players are in your niche.  Monetize via them.  Bug them non-stop until they will want to get rid of you or pay you money.