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Our New Website and Business Model

July 29th, 2008

Over the past month, we have been redesigning our Hippo Internet Marketing Training site.  I’ve got a fantastic graphic designer working for me and the new design is exactly what we were wanting.

The old site presented some basic information and led visitors to our classes.  Our new site does more than that.

Hippo Training Site

The new site now doesn’t just offer classes, it offers a free subscription membership that allows you to access resources.

The resources will include whitepapers, audio clips, e-books, and more.

Currently, we have a downloadable speech by Andy Beal on reputation managment and an e-book on how to use Twitter.

The next resource we will be releasing will be a whitepaper on how to improve your visibility locally on search engines.

Eventually, we may have a paid membership.  But for now, everything is free.  You simply need to signup.