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Ideas on How to use New AdWords Placement + Kw

July 18th, 2008

Yesterday, Google announced that you can now create campaigns for the content network that can be targeted via placement targeting and keyword targeting, not just either one.


Let’s break this down, they I’ll give you a couple ideas on how to use this effectively.

To start with, we are talking about the content network.  In other words, these are ads that will only show up on other websites, not search engines.

We always have been able to use placement targeting.  This means we could decide which sites we want our ads to show up on.  In other words, you could build an ad for your product, but only show it on certain websites.

We have also had keyword targeting.  This was another method of narrowing where your ads were shown.  You could say that you only wanted your ads to show on pages that were about “dog food” or “blue widgets” and Google would show your ad on any sites (in their content network) that are on that topic.

So what’s new?

You can now do both.  In other words, you can create an ad and show it on specific topic pages on specific sites.

Ideas on how to use it…

Shopping Search Engines!  Create an ad specifically for your product line and show it strong on Bizrate, Shopzilla, Shopping.com, Amazon, and Ebay.  These are sites in which people are looking to buy.  Show your ad strong there.

Specialty sites.  Run a Placement Performance Report on your generic content campaigns and find the sites that bring conversions.  Create specific campaigns for those sites and for even more keywords.  Bid strong there.

If you are still confused, think about attending our classes on Google AdWords.  That will help put it all in prospective.