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Special Event for Charlotte Marketers and Businesses

June 17th, 2008

I’m happy to announce that Keith Schilling and I have secured a very special speaker for our next Charlotte SEO Meetup.

Andy Beal is an Internet Marketing consultant and a respected expert in online reputation monitoring and management.  (That’s what his bio says.) 

I could add that he’s been involved in online marketing and search engines from the beginning.  I remember reading Andy’s articles and hearing him at the first search engine conferences I ever attended in 2002 and 2003.  Truth is, he’s been doing such from earliest times of search engines – the 1990s.

More recently, he has been working quite a bit with online reputation management.  He’s even written a book on it.

So if you are concerned about the online reputation your business, you need to attend this event.  If you don’t care about the reputation your business has online, you REALLY need to attend this event – because you should!

Everyone that works with marketing, PR, or business in general needs to stand up and take note of their online reputation. 

Go Google your business name (or your name) right now.  Then, come back and sign up for this meeting on July 10. 

Here’s the details.

Here’s how to register.

(Register before July 1 and get almost 50% off.)

Here’s the press release.

Here’s a great interview with Andy – from a year and a half ago.