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Why Charlotte is Ideal for Online Businesses

June 16th, 2008

Let’s face it, the Charlotte area is a great place to start an online business.

The city of Charlotte has a population of 664K.  Within a 100–mile radius, there are 7.3 million.  This makes for good stores, restaurants, sports, and general quality of life.

But the geographic location of Charlotte is especially fantastic.  To start with, Charlotte is centrally located for reaching most parts of the east coast.  In other words, if you need to go to Miami, Boston, New York, or Houston, none of them are very far away.

I especially love the local Charlotte Douglas International Airport.  Why?  It is the 10th busiest airport in the nation.  It averages 640 daily flights, and more than 33 million passengers traveled through the airport in 2007.  I have had no problems parking (which is a whole lot cheaper than NYC ever was).  It’s not big and crowded like Atlanta.  You usually get a decent size plane (not as noisy).   

But most importantly, you can typically get a direct flight from Charlotte.  In fact, The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce recently updated its report on direct non-stop air service.  The report shows that non-stop, single-air service continues to gain customers despite rising fuel costs.  The report shows that the Charlotte Airport is now offering 178 cities with 681 non-stop flights.

If you work online, who cares about the airport?

Sorry to break this to you, but working online does not mean staying at your desk the rest of your life.  This is a good thing.  Working online means you now can reach anyone in the country (or even the world). 

1.  Working online means your customers or clients may live anywhere.  You may need to visit them in person or they may come to you.

2.  Working online means you can travel.  Grab your laptop and go visit your relatives.  Take a vacation.  If you have Internet access, there’s no need to stay home all the time.

3.  Working online means you can attend conferences and network.  Some of the best conferences out there are those that cater to online businesses and marketing.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed industry conferences such as Search Engine Strategies, PubCon, Blog World Expo, and others.  I look forward to attending 2 to 3 of them every year.

Most online businesses should travel due to all three of these.  You may not drive much.  (Thank goodness, look at gas prices!)  But you may fly.

Personally, I love doing this in Charlotte.  My move here was just over a year ago and I’m loving it.