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More Great AdWords Tips

June 12th, 2008

As I get ready for the upcoming Google AdWords class in two weeks, I’m reviewing all of our class materials, handouts, and examples.  I’m adding some new stuff to this class, for sure.

Last week I wrote about some best tips for AdWords.  In actuality, those are the best tips for either starting a new campaign or reworking a current campaign.

Since then, my Canadian SEO colleague sent me her two cents (Canadian cents, that is) via Plaxo on some other great tips.  In thinking about them, they really are good tips. 

However, I think they are more for those that have gotten setup.  Here is a combination of what she said and my comments…

“If you find that some keywords do not ever get shown because your budget is being chewed up by some other keywords, separate these AdGroups into different campaigns and assign a separate budget to each.”

Nice point.  Really, in doing weekly maintenance, you should take a hard look at any keyword phrases that are getting lots of impressions.  Handle them in separate campaigns if you want to isolate the budget.  Otherwise, make unique ad groups for them.

Keyword research – guess what I use the most these days? A client’s own web analytics data! No matter how small their site is, they are likely driving some traffic and it’s a great starting point for keyword research!

Very true.  That’s in our class too.  Forget WordTracker!!

I also make use of the Search Query Report in Google AdWords so that I can add additional keywords to bid on, alternative matching options and/or negative keywords that will prevent my ad from being shown.

Last two cents :-) When running ads on the content network or even the Google Search Network, I make sure to check the Content Placement Report to see where my ads are being shown.

These are actually points that I learned as I was getting ready to teach Google AdWords.  Those that have been using Google AdWords for quite a while may miss these easily.

The reporting tools have come a long way over the last several years.  Go check them out or come learn more about them in our upcoming class.

Thanks again Darlene!

Anyone got any other good AdWords tips to share?