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The Best Google AdWords Tips I Have…

June 4th, 2008

Lately, I’ve been asked to do several audits of Google AdWords campaigns for friends, colleagues, students, and former clients.  (That’s one nice thing about having less clients, it frees me up to do enjoyable things like that.)

After doing a few Google AdWords Audits, here are the best tips I have.

Tip #1 – Don’t create separate campaigns unless you have to.

Ideally, a small AdWords account should simply be a bunch of Ad Groups all in one campaign.  That allows you to put one daily budget on your entire advertising.  It also makes navigating and reporting easier.

Tip #2 – Create separate campaigns for the content network.

This may seem opposite to Tip #1 above, but it’s not.  It’s also the single best tip I could ever give.  When you create a campaign in Google AdWords, they like to encourage you to “simply check the box and get more clicks”.

This is a very bad idea.  Advertising on search engine results (search network) is fundamentally different than advertising on web pages (content network).  Keep them in separate campaigns.  This is not just for reporting (which is extremely important).  It is also because they should be created and handled differently.

Tip #3 – Keyword Research starts with Brainstorming, not computers.

This is another fundamental change in thinking that most Google AdWords advertisers should make.  For heavens sake, don’t start your keyword research by using WordTracker or Keyword Discovery!  I’ve actually cancelled my accounts in those (here’s why).

Use your brain.  Think about your audience.  Ask a client, friend, or colleague to help.  Start scribbling all over a white-board or blank paper. 

Only after that, try some tools.  I use…

But PLEASE use your brain FIRST!

In conclusion…

These are some of the most important tips I have.  By the way, it’s always good to have a Google AdWords audit by a professional.  Small tips can save a lot of money immediately.  The long term benefits compound and save more money every month.

Of course, another option is to attend our Google AdWords class.  Our next one is coming up soon on June 25 and 26!