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North Carolina News Reporters Use Twitter!

May 8th, 2008

Here’s an interesting point in history for any of you Internet Marketing and Social Marketing fans in the Charlotte, North Carolina region.

One of the local television channels has encouraged their reporters to start using Twitter!  You can now follow each of these anchors and reporters from WCNC..

  1. Bobby Sisk (anchor)
  2. Michelle Boudin (reporter)
  3. Melissa Martin (reporter)
  4. Anjanette Flowers (reporter/anchor)
  5. Mark Boone (reporter)

However, it looks as if Kayla Gagnet Castille is the true force behind this initiative.  It seems as if she uses Twitter at WCNC more than anyone else.

You can see their pictures, learn more about them, and see their latest comments here on the official WCNC website.  They wrote a page here about the Democratic primaries in North Carolina yesterday and how they will use Twitter during them.

Kudos to WCNC and to whoever had this idea.  Nice try to get these talented individuals into “new media” and work the social space online.

Click here for how to use Twitter.