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Our Google AdWords Training Class

March 28th, 2008

The Google AdWords training class went well this week.  I was very pleased that the students seemed to not only enjoy the class but learn quite a few new tips and suggestions that would help them.

I personally worked very hard on the class materials, format, and agenda to make sure it would assist a newcomer and/or someone who already had a Google AdWords account.

Group Pic

You can’t really tell from the picture, but the students came from very different backgrounds and levels of understanding…

We had a web developer, business owners, and what could be described as an agency getting started in AdWords.  Some already had successful e-commerce site and others were just getting started.  Some had been using AdWords for years and others did not have an account yet.


The nature of the training (as always) is not just teacher-led instruction.  We do group exercises, brainstorming, math problems, Q&A, and even site reviews.


For our next AdWords class, there are a few extra things I need to learn up on in order to be the best instructor I can be.  I also need to revise a few handouts and exercises.  But overall, I was pleased with how it went.

One of the students blogged about the class, and others are commenting about it on our group.  Thanks to all the students for being a part of this.

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