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Google AdWords History Lesson

March 21st, 2008

GoogleAdWordsIn getting ready to teach my next Google AdWords class, I wrote up a handout showing the brief history of Google AdWords.

I thought it would make a great blog post too.  Let me know what you think…

A Brief History lesson…

1. Google and Yahoo were the top search engines.
2. GoTo.com started a “pay to be first” search engine.
3. GoTo became Overture
4. Overture results started showing on Yahoo
5. Yahoo bought Overture
6. Google said “show me the money” and started Google AdWords
7. Google gets more attention and more powerful.
8. All of Google’s money comes from advertising.
9. Microsoft said “show me the money” and started a search engine.
10. Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo.
11. Google bought several online companies and now offers advertising everywhere.
(Search engines, Websites, Online video, Radio, Television, Newspapers, etc.)

12. “Micro-hoo” (if it happens) will still only have half the visibility as Google.

Bottom line…

Google is King of Online Advertising
(and will be for a long time)