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When you think advertising online: Think Google!

March 17th, 2008

Google wants to be the master of all advertising, especially online.  It looks like they are getting their wish.  What Google wants, they get.  At least this time.

Last week Google announced the completion of their acquisition of DoubleClick.  (It took an entire year because they were waiting on the European Union’s approval.)

DoubleClick has approximately 60% of all display ads (ads on other websites).  Google already has about 75% of all search ads.  Google will likely combine all this very soon into one interface – Google AdWords!

In other words, if you want to advertise on either another website or a search engine, the only place to start is at Google.  This forces more advertisers to use Google (often exclusively).  The logical reaction would be that more publishers will use Google to show ads.

Therefore, those percentages of 60% and 75% will grow!  This is especially true given the powerful brand that Google has built up.

  • Want to advertise online?  Use Google AdWords!
  • Want to sell advertising?  Use Google AdWords!
  • Want to have job security?  Learn Google AdWords!
  • Want to learn Google AdWords?  Come to our Google AdWords class in Charlotte on March 25, 26.

(I know, I know, that was a shameless plug for my class.)

But it is true.  Google AdWords is becoming the only place to start if you want to advertise online.

Google!  It’s not just a search engine anymore!