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Yahoo can make it happen! You’ll see.

March 13th, 2008

Yahoo is making some big announcements today.  They are expanding the idea that search should not just be isolated to searching websites.

They have a project code named “Search Monkey”.  (Cute name.)  The basic idea is that developers can provide Yahoo content that is more specific to queries. 

One example is LinkedIn.  Imagine doing a search on a person’s name and getting some quality information specifically about the person, not just a list of pages that mention that person.

To see it in action, TechCrunch provided this image…

LinkedIn at Yahoo

Other businesses could do something similar… 

Imagine the consequences.

You do a search on anything at all and get quality information specifically about answering your query, not just a list of ten web pages.

It’s a great concept.  The general idea has been called “Universal Search” for some time now.  Google has added video, local search, news items, and other info within the search results.  But it’s typically Google’s stuff.

Yahoo is taking more of an “open” approach.  They are asking developers to provide information in a manner that helps the users.

Way to go Yahoo!

The story behind the story is that Yahoo may be making a comeback here.  Maybe they won’t sell out to Microsoft after all.  Maybe they could get some good word of mouth and notoriety again.

Go for it Yahoo!  Do cool stuff.  The users will return.  I know I want to.