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The Lake Norman Expo – Take a LOOK!

March 11th, 2008

Exhibiting at the Lake Norman Expo last week was a real success.  We had some excellent assistance from my graphics designer, a local sign shop, and even the local print shop to get everything we needed.

Our goal for the show was different than most other exhibitors.  We did not just want to distribute our information to everyone that came.  Rather, we wanted to actually sit and get to know the few that are specifically interested in online marketing.  We setup our booth so that others could sit in a comfortable chair and actually have an interesting discussion getting to know us.

Below is the picture of what it actually looked like (with Jason at the table).  Sorry it’s a little blurry.


I would say it looked pretty similar to what I envisioned a month or two previously…


Overall, I hoped to have about five nice discussions.  Yet, when I counted them up after, I think we had about ten.

In fact, I gathered almost two dozen business cards from miscellaneous people that I want to stay in touch with.  I also had several sign up for our free whitepaper and newsletter.

Overall, it was a success.  We’ll probably exhibit at the Lake Norman Business Expo next year as well.