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Lake Norman Expo – Sneak preview

February 19th, 2008

Hippo Internet Marketing will be at the Lake Norman Expo on Friday, March 7th.  Below is a sneak preview of what our booth will look like. 


We plan to have a small table a little set back from the front of the booth with one or two of us behind it at all times.

We’ll have a big sign of our logo at the back wall.  One sign on the left will show a list of upcoming classes.  The banner on the right will show a bunch of logos of online marketing ideas.  (See the list on the right.)


Our hope is that the booth will build a little visibility and hopefully start some conversations that will lead to more local relationships with businesses and web developers.

We’re not giving anything away at the show (besides handouts).  But we will be taking business cards and offering discounts to our training classes for those that want it.

If you live locally here in the Lake Norman area, come by and say hello.  I’ll be there – in booth #137 – Upstairs and to the left.