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Our First SEO Class in Charlotte NC Area – Done!

January 25th, 2008

Picture 003We just finished up our SEO Class in Charlotte NC.  At first, we had planned to hold it right in Charlotte, but we ended up moving it to the Lake Norman Visitor’s Center and Chamber of Commerce.  They have a wonderful room on the 2nd floor that the rent out.  It worked out perfectly!  Below is a picture of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.  (It’s located right off Catawba avenue in Cornelius.  We have pdf directions here.)


We were thrilled to have ten students that were very excited about the popular world of Search Engine Optimization.  The students ranged from a few work mates, friends, and a current client, to a web developer or two and a couple of restaurant owners.  We also had a few people that were somewhat between careers and therefore wanting to learn more about SEO to round out their knowledge.

Many of the students had a basic understanding of the various aspects of Search Engine Optimization.  But they seemed to appreciate getting a more rounded out understanding.  I really worked hard to produce a binder that they could keep.  It had plenty of handouts and checklists that they could use to SEO the site they worked on in class.  But the same information could be used over and over again for future websites as well.

Picture 002The topics we covered included a overview of Internet Marketing and how SEO fits in, Keyword Research, On-Page factors, linking, and content building.  We ended the two-day class talking about the technical aspects of SEO and with a list of tools they could use.

Overall, I think the students came to a good understanding of how SEO fits in to marketing as a whole.  They also seemed to come away with some good ideas and tools they can put to use immediately for their sites.

It was a real pleasure to be with such fine students for two whole days.  They were an inspiration to me in how much they cared about the subject.  It was also very enjoyable to see how well they all helped each other in the group exercises.

Picture 001I’ll be encouraging all of them to send me comments on what they thought of the class.  So you may be seeing more “testimonials” in the days to come.

This SEO class went so well that I think we’ll be teaching it every three months from now on.  There’s a lot of interest in this. 

We’ll also be teaching our Pay Per Click class in two months (March 25 and 26).  I encourage you to think seriously about checking that one out also.  (I need to write up more details about it in the near future.

Thanks again to all the wonderful students for attending our class.  We’ll be in touch in the weeks ahead, for sure.

I hope to see you all again at another future class!

Corey Creed
Hippo Internet Marketing Training

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