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“I Want to Learn SEO”

January 17th, 2008

So you want to learn SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization was one of the hottest businesses to be in this past year and is slated to be incredibly popular in 2008 and beyond.

Although our Charlotte SEO Company is not taking any new clients and has not in over a year now, we still get calls regularly – especially from Asheville and Charlotte, NC.  People and businesses need help with their SEO.

In fact, just this week, I had a former colleague contact me asking where they can get good SEO.  It seems he had called every SEO company in Asheville and all of them are full and cannot take any new clients.

So why not learn SEO now and do it yourself? 

It seems as if many want to do so.  In fact, a friend of mine recently posted on his blog the very statement:  “I Want to Learn SEO” and he is getting Google visitors that are typing in those very words.

That’s why we are offering our SEO Training and Learning Classes.  In fact, our next class is coming quickly, January 23 and 24.  It’s filling up already and we’re looking forward to holding similar classes in the Charlotte, North Carolina area every few months.

We are really excited about this.  It gives me an opportunity to go “back to my roots” of training and help others learn this fascinating form of online marketing.

Check out our Charlotte SEO Training Classes website to learn more.

We hope to see you soon.

Corey Creed
Hippo Internet Marketing Training