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Charlotte Interactive Marketing Association – First Meeting

December 21st, 2007

Last night, the Charlotte Interactive Marketing Association held its first “inaugural social”.  You can learn from the website (linked above) that they are just starting out and are making plans to start committees and develop board and leadership opportunities.

In talking with Dave McDaniel (one of the co-founders), they are looking toward the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association to see how this all might work. 

Dave got with Eric Dudley and Kyle Bumgardner of WebSiteBiz and they all thought it was a great idea.  I’m sure they will work together to make it a success.

I found out about the meeting the day before and just happened to be able to attend on such short notice.  The group definitely has potential. 

It was hard for me to tell, because I only met a few people…  But it seemed as if there were about a dozen or more attendees there for the social. 

(There was some other social going on at the same time for another group, so it was a little hard to tell who was there for what.)

Of course, I’m new to the area, so no one seemed to know who I was.  But several were friendly nonetheless.  I’m in touch with Dave and Kyle and may even volunteer some if they want me to.  We’ll see. 

I’m trying to keep all my projects going at the same time.  I’ve got my clients to work on, my in-house projects, and my employees.  I’m also especially excited about our upcoming SEO class that I blogged about yesterday.