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How to get more visitors to your website

December 10th, 2007

Several weeks ago I went to a Charlotte Chamber of Commerce meeting.  It was one of their “Entrepreneur forums”.  They had an interesting panel of experts that were talking about how to use technology for a small business.

Early on, everyone on the panel agreed that some of the best spent money on technology is to make a good website that represents your company well and market it.

Someone in the audience asked:  “Once I build a website, how do I get more visitors to it?”  Good question!  I only wished I had been on the panel.

Because I’ve been doing Internet Marketing since 2003, I’ve come up with an excellent breakdown of how to get more visitors and how to get the right visitors.  I’ve broken it down in my free whitepaper into four basic areas.

1.  POSITION:  Search engines bring visitors.  Use Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click Marketing to get higher rankings.

2.  PARTNERSHIPS:  Get other website to link to you.  This will bring visitors.

3.  PERMISSION:  Once you have a visitor, get them coming back by getting them to sign up for your newsletter (or RSS feed).

4.  IMPROVEMENT:  Make your site better and keep it updated.  This keeps them coming back for more and improves conversions.

That’s it!  That’s the basics of getting more visitors.  You can learn a whole lot more in our free whitepaper or in our upcoming classes.  So please be sure to sign up online.