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Blogworld Expo 2007 in Las Vegas – Review

November 12th, 2007

Attending the Blogworld Expo 2007 in Las Vegas was quite an experience.  I’ve attended several search engine conferences in the past, but this was very different.

The comments on how to use new media (blogging, podcasting, online video, etc.) and be effective was very enlightening.

Below is a wrap-up of the blogging I did during the two day.  Follow the links to learn more.

Specific to Hippo:

Blog World Convention – What I want!
What did I think of BlogWorld Expo 2007?
What BlogWorld 2007 meant for Hippo Internet Marketing

Sessions and keynotes:

Matt Mullenweg (founding developer of WordPress)
How to Build Your own Home Recording Studio
Steven Van Yoder – Get Slightly Famous
The “New Media” moguls speak at BlogWorld
Leo LaPorte – The future of New Media
Audio vs. Video Online
Mark Cuban – The final Keynote at BlogWorld

Vendors I met:

Lunch with ShoeMoney
UtterZ Looks Pretty Cool
Want to start an Online Talk Show?
WordPress Web Developer
Write in a Blog? Make it a Book!
Tools for Creating and Promoting your Podcast