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What Blog World 07 Meant for Hippo Internet Marketing

November 11th, 2007

After Blog World Expo 2007 was over, I found myself back in my hotel room with my mind racing.

Perhaps it was because there was so much information to take in. But I’m sure the multiple Starbucks coffee had something to do with it as well.

So before I headed down to my hotel’s buffet dinner line, I took some time to re-evaluate if I had reached my goals and what direction I should take Hippo Internet Marketing – especially as 2008 looms right around the corner.

First, the goals. I wrote them down on the way to the conference. Here are some comments on them…

1. Gain industry knowledge and information.
I definitely achieved this. I feel like my eyes have been opened – not just to blogging and podcasting, but to the “new media” as a whole. I look forward to sharing this with my clients and other.

2. Increased motivation for improved blogging.
Here’s another score! Being around all these bloggers and hearing from industry leaders made me want to jump in. I hope I can ride this wave into 2008.

3. Gain and knowledge and tools in order to effectively start podcasting and using video online.
Definitely yes. But even more importantly, I gained some good focus on why and how I should do this. I was just hoping to learn which tools to use. Honestly, this conference was not all that great for this. Most of what was said about the tools was overkill. But I have some definite ideas on how to use video and podcasting online at Hippo in 2008! Stay tuned for some really cool announcements.

4. Find a good vendor that can create a great WordPress blog theme for me.
Got it. I had a great time talking to Matt the designer. Stay tuned for a great new theme.

5. Get links from bloggers.
I probably should have tried harder at this. But it was sort of a side-thought anyway. I did meet several people, but I doubt I’ll get much “link-love” from them. No big deal.

So four out of five ain’t bad!

By the way, if you ever attend or exhibit at a conference, it’s extremely important to write down your goals in advance. How can you reach your goals if you don’t know what they are!?!

Next thing I did was to map out how I am going to use my websites and what I need to do to use my websites, blogs, video, audio, and newsletter the most effectively to brand myself and achieve my business goals. I also made a list of what I need to do to be ready for my new plan for 2008.

It’s going to be an exciting 2008 for Hippo Internet Marketing. We have some great stuff coming up!

Stay tuned!!