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What did I think of Blog World Expo?

November 11th, 2007

I know people will ask me this, so I figured I’d answer it here.

Overall, I’m glad I went. After all, it only cost $175! Great price!

However, it was not what I thought it would be. Here were some of the good and bad from it…

Good: The keynotes were good. Leo Laporte in particular was very interesting. They were all industry leaders and it’s always interesting to hear them think out loud. Many of them did not go off any notes at all and just said what was on their mind. Perfect!

Bad: The sessions were not that great. I heard many, many others say the same thing. The speakers that were chosen may have been industry experts, but they did not present in a way that was helpful. They frequently did not talk at all about what the title of the session was.

Bad: There was no beginner sessions. I went to several sessions where most of the audience were beginners looking for very basic information on getting started. They were disappointed and frequently vocal that the speakers were going way to deep.

Good: The networking was incredible. Kudos for having a “bloggers lounge” full of roundtables where we could get free wireless and recharge our laptops. I met some really interesting people that were very helpful. I learned more at the roundtables than the sessions. Several of us started skipping the sessions for the opportunity to hang out at the “bloggers lounge”.

Good: The expo was very good. Again, I found myself skipping sessions to spend time speaking to the vendors. There was a little bit of everything in there and it made for great conversations and opportunities to do business.

Bad: The food was terrible. But it usually is at these things.

Good: Free wireless for all. Thanks!

Neutral: The parties after are something I never bother attending. So I can’t really comment on them. I know a lot of other attendees go for those. Just not me. Not my style.

Overall: A great opportunity and I may just go back again next year. However, the organizer(s) really need to pay close attention to the speakers they choose and the feedback they should be getting on the speakers.

My final thoughts: Make it easier to gain feedback on the sessions. We all had laptops. Why can’t we login and make comments on the spot about what we think of the presenters and the session content? Even if it was not public, the organizers need to solicit feedback to make this event more beneficial to ALL that attend, especially the beginners.

PS: If any other attendees, show organizers, or anyone else is reading this, please feel free to comment below.